The Climax starts…

Bright Students
The Climax

The so-awaited presentations ceremony started on june 26th. The students’ hardwork and their invaluable ideas started to show up. The presentations were so divided, that they could be spread out two days: 26th and 27th of June. There were 11 groups. Every group had prepared one presentation on their main project and one on their Maths Communication.
So Every group has to submit two presentations and two reports for the same mentioned earlier. Though many groups prepared their presentations and reports at the later stage, but still they managedĀ  to response back nicely. Their on-stage performance was perfect.

The presenations which took place that day include groups: Chandrayaan 1, Chandrayaan 2(College Groups), Encryption(College), Encryption(School), Error Correction(School), Jantar Mantar, Search Engine( Eagle 2).

Each group mentioned above came up with a different concept to be explained in their Maths Communication. They used MATLAB, MATHEMATICA, FLASH, MUPAD etc. in their presentations impressively, which is quite difficult to those students, who did not even know about these Softwares a month before. The students were simply brilliant and amzing in teir approach towards the subject. Some came up with a story, some came up with a game, some came up with a quiz and so on in their Maths comm. project to explain different concepts. This shows how Mathematics is linked with everyone and everything in this world.
The day overall was a fantastic one. The whole day many students and some of the faculty clicked as many pictures as they could, as everyone of us knew that, how precious that moment and occasion was. Each one wanted to store these moments for their future.

I think around 2000 or more pictures were clicked on the same day. The programme left the students with cheer in their heart, and at the same time, a fear of leaving their friends on the last day. The students energy level showed their excitement.
This can also be felt by the faces of students-cum-faculty members who were clicking snaps, capturing videos etc.

The day was very special to me, in particular, because I turned 20, the same day… Though I wanted to go home early, that day, still I was very happy to be a part of the occassion that day. I made a lot of friends and this memories which I gathered here will cherish me, in my future life.

The Final day was not over.. it was the second last one…
So, let us move to the final day, Thanks!!!

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Ajaz Ahmed