‘Time and tide waits for none’

Time rushes past so swiftly, as swift is the sand in your closed palm. Its been more than six months from the instance where we all departed from our college, holding our provisional certificates in our hand, promising each and everyone of our friends, teachers and other known presence, that no matter however the situation may be, we all will remain in touch and consistently be in communication. This altogether was done as a pledge I suppose. The departing friends were calm, serene and had a feeling of sadness in their eyes, because everyone knew that the life we spent here was enriched, crafted and glamoured by our unity and the completeness it followed, by having precious moments to share and enjoy. But the real battle with life was waiting for each one of us.

After grad, some had a pre-planned decision of going for higher studies like MCA, MBA. Some went agreeing to their parents’ decisions. However there were still some who had aspiring motives for continuing there studies, but due to lack of better chances, they decided to lead their ways differently. Some went on to give them a second chance to get their ambitions fulfilled, we serve them our best wishes for their venture and preparation. However there were also some who went inside the professional arena, looking for the jobs of their interest or rather that, that depends on the qualification they posess.I,also belonged to the latter group,and have decided the fate to be bestowed upon me,will undergo circumstances whichever may I need to face.The struggle for each one of us, was well reasonable and hectic at the same time, may it be getting admissions into desired courses, arranging fees amount etc. Or looking for a deserving job. There was hardwork and continuous pressure,and so the result was fruitful.