‘Jack of all trades’ or ‘Master of one’????

Life is never the way, it is supposed to be..
But it can always be, what we want it to be…

Drowned by the mighty shakes of life, I sometimes feel, that life is not worth living, in fact never it was, But many a times, small cheers, may be a sweet smile of a young kid, may be a warm hug by the one whom you love, can entirely change your expert views and thinking..

It happens every now and then, and its true too, that Bad times are followed by Good times, but, how if we think vice-versa..
Good times are followed by Bad times” Its just the way of thinking, may be its just the other side of coin, which changes the entire meaning. Thus my kind of thinking may appear to people as simply absurd or idiotic, or may be logical to others, but that is what I am. I am not a pessimistic as such, but i do look at both sides of the coin.

I am a thinker(however i don’t know, what I think, is what I am supposed to, but who cares…), who generally have a diversified class of views and interests, and the same is sometimes great and sometimes harmful. These kind of attitude has many a times favoured me, as at least, I like doing all those kind of stuff which I am supposed to do, but many a times, I have feared it, and thought, why didn’t I stuck to an appropriate one, and chose it to be my destiny, and given my whole life to it. This kind of feeling, comes to a lot of people of my age, and it is what everyone fears. But, my question is, Is it a matter of just feeling sorry to, or is it a matter of pride for all of us? Can’t we have ‘Jack of all trades’ kind of philosophy in our lives, or, there is an absolute necessity for everyone of us, to ‘Master only one‘.
They say, you can’t master all, but one… but then will that ‘one’ suffice for you, for your entire life, if you aren’t that kind of a person?… i don’t think so. I am not here to show which one is good and which one is bad, I am here just to discuss both. After all, it s just the matter of choice and selection, how one want to lead his/her life.

However firstly,let us stick to the latter philosophy and discuss,
Its just a matter of background and the family interest that, you chose what your interest is to be. Thus Mastering it also depends on the same. Thus, the support or rising opportunities at different steps of life, is that what contributes to the essential growth. And the area of interest itself helps in the growth of individual as a person, nurtures his qualities, talents to fullest utilization.

However if someone from different class of group and background ‘tries’ to acquire the ‘different’interest(may be because of it rising popularity or a rising exposure), it is for sure that he can’t be as good as the natives in very aspect of it (I think its a fact), but who cares, about this. May be that ‘someone’ never even thought of acquiring this interest, may be he was never inspired, may be he was never pulled up, may be he never got opportunities, may be he never got exposed to such things, but still who cares. No one is interested in knowing how you started, but on, how you ended.

“No one is interested in knowing how you inserted the seed in the soil, how you nurtured it, how you watered it, how you protected it from Sun and Pollution, but the awaited focus is always on the fruit which you get from the tree, If its sweet, ya its a good tree :-), else, sour fruit, bad tree :-(“.

The ending result should be level up (always expected).
This kind of thinking is what to be changed from the minds. I don’t know how to do it, but surely know that it has to be done.

Now Secondly if we talk about ‘Jack of all trades‘ philosophy, a much easier thing to focus on according to my thinking, but, it might be difficult, for many.
Jack of all trades, Master of None‘ – It follows for those kind of persons who usually can never focus on one area of interest. Their ideas, views, constantly fluctuate. This kind of attitude is at times favourable. But at times, it can keep you out of the race. The background also here plays a major role in determining the fate of the individual. It is responsible for the kind of thinking that ‘someone’ has, and may be course of life teaches him the same. This is not a matter of feeling guilty about, because if properly guided and worked hard, the life is gonna be, how it is meant to be.

In all posts, we never reach to the satisfactory conclusions, I hope this one will do the same, however there is still a chance of finding solution to the posed problem in your minds, or atleast think about it( And that is what my motive has always been).
Should one be ‘Jack of all trades‘ or ‘Master of one‘???? 😛


Convictions With Confusions – CWC

Its have been a long time, I got so busy that i just forgot that i have a big fan following who consistently wait for my posts ;-D
But no matter,i am back..
To start of with, my biggest achievement this summer was that, I became ‘MAMA’.
The prince we got is cutest and the sweetest of all the children i ever seen..(well, u can think of it as if am glorifying it, but still its true..)
The video will be enclosed, you can see and add your comments.And the name ‘MAHI’ is given by me.

By the way, I have turned to writing this post is for one more reason..

The past two months have been a flash of wind for me. They just passed and i am standing there where i stood two months before,though a lot of change took place in that time too..
I decremented from the boast of being the topper(of my class..at least;-P), I secured the 3rd position, however that does not matter me anyhow.. the thing that worries me a lot is the reason why I am here? I do not know why I am studying that crap, which is repeatedly taught in colleges (especially in DU) for last 10 years or so.
In past two months, almost our full syllabus have been covered by our teachers(well their main aim is to just complete the syllabus, not to teach, so, i should not call them the teachers ;-/) The daily classes were there just to wake me up early, and get ready for college(As my college is at 2 hrs distance from my home,which i cover mainly by bus). But still the classes which i attended, well, i attended almost 80-85% of my classes, were no good for me..may be its not the case for others who love roting the big big copies of notes which they write through their class.
However the only subject which I liked was Numerical Analysis(may be because, still there some brain is used) and a little bit of Micro processors. I do not know why i am writing this, may be I am fearing the exams which are just starting from next week or it could be just that I do not want to study this!!(you can take it, either way). By the way, I should not blame our teachers for this, the problem is in our course and syllabus pattern, the 18 chapters of Economics which we have to study in just 3 months(or may be i should say 2 months), is the 2.5 yrs course of a regular B.Com(H), So how in hell, one could study such a big course in those 2 months(Now i know why B.Com(H) students seem to roam here and there 365 days a year ;-P)
I got diverted, it seems so..;-) ok, the thing i was saying that, first problem is the big syllabus and second problem is the course content. We all know that technology changes every hour, then why should we study the Assembly programming which was done in 1980s for 8086 processors(well this is crap ;-/)
I dont know what is the solution to this question, but i surely know that I am not supposed to be here..
In precise, my exams are starting from 18th of this month, and i haven’t studied a single thing or i would say i didn’t felt like studying. But no worries, still I can pass the exams easily, that’s not a problem.

And one more good thing I have joined a 6-months internship programme from MSF, which is starting from 14th August..(well that’s a good thing for me at least ;-))

Well..time to leave..and don’t forget to click the video, which must be down some where here 😉 (Well..the title is given by his mother, but the video is created by me B-)