Is Religion that important? Isn’t Love enough?

With the recent changes in the domestic World, Be it in the political Arena OR in the approach towards Modernity(OR Western Culture, you may call it), there has been quite a lot of aspirations and at the same time, ambiguity related to the future.
We, the present generations of this Country have got choices to make. Its the first time, that WE, have this freedom, to decide and nurture what Our future world will be. Its indeed a big responsibility.
The times are changing, and the change is US. We need to be the positive change, the vibrant energy which can drive the nation to a world of happiness, liberty and humanism. And the special power need to fuel this change is what we already have, LOVE.
The nation is spread among people with orthodox approaches, self-contained bureaucrats, who have a single concern, i.e. to evolve hate out of hatred, on the basis of caste, religion, region. We can cite out a number of examples, where religious differences are twisted, broken, and then show-cased in a new face, just to attain popularity, to gain political benefits, and ultimately the power to control millions.
Who are they? Who gave them this power?
The only answer one can trace down to is, They are humans like us, and its We who gave them this power.
Now the question lies, WHY? Why we turn blind to see what ahead of us, why we are stepping into a jive, which is impossible to come out of.
Well, the answer we can still drill down to is, its because of Our belief system, the machinery which is fitted into our brains which behaves like blinders, which makes us behave, the way we are expected to. And this belief system is imposed on us, through a term called ‘Religion’.
What is Religion? Have you ever tried to conceptualize, from where this term came, OR what was the reason for which, it actually came into existence. I can guarantee, that you would say ‘NO, NEVER’.
[Infosys CEO – Mr. Vishal Sikka says ‘We Indians are good at doing, what we are told to do’. He isn’t wrong either.]
RELIGION, the term difficult to define, however has numerous definitions across the world , by numerous philosophers.
The religious Leader Dalai Lama says,
   ‘This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.’
One of the greatest leaders of modernization, Abraham Lincoln said,
   ‘When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.’
The most successful social reformist of India, B.R. Ambedkar said,
   ‘I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality and fraternity.’
These sayings were not individualistic views, they were to make us think, to make us question what we have been following till this time.
Religions were created by us, humans, to have faith, hope, trust in GOD, the omnipresent, Super power who created this world.
However, traditions, culture, practices came along, and with this came competition, comparison, difference of views and beliefs, as imposed by several religious leaders, world saw, time and again .
And this led to clashes, violence in the name of religion, contests in proving which religion is better, than the other. This only brought HATE, and the soul purpose of its creation was lost somewhere.
Most of you, might agree, to me, on several points being discussed here, But when it comes to take a stand, many of you might take a step back.
The culprit again is Our belief system, We seem to give precedence to things taught to us, then our own thoughts.
A Hindu guy OR his family, might seem liberal to accept guy’s Muslim friends, as his companions during his early days of life, School, College, Work, but when it comes to choosing bride for the same son, they would select Girl from the same religion, same caste.
Same goes with Muslim families OR other religions as well.
The reason being, difference in religion, culture, belief, and what GOD we bend to.
Why is that? What makes Humans different from each Other? Their physical OR their mental attributes? Did GOD made the differences?
NO, Every human being was/is created with same set of features, Equal, in all sense.
So, Isn’t Love, Understanding, Care, Trust enough to cater the requirements, One needs to look into the prospective bride OR groom?
Does her/his religion affect the relation you are going to have with that human being, with whom, you are going to spend your entire life with? It doesn’t.
The time has come, that we get ahead of this Old belief system, disapprove wrong beliefs, practices, and appreciate people for their actions, for what they actually are, irrespective of religion.
Choice of religion is a voluntary decision, and everyone has the freedom to follow practices they want to follow.
Same should be the case with Choosing your life partner, Everyone should have the freedom to choose their partners, irrespective of which faith they are into.
Inter-faith couples can be the fore-runners of the modern world, who will be free of hatred, who will respect all the religions, the symbols of Unity and peace, and who can lead this country ahead , free of regionalism, bureaucracy, chaos, and uncertainty.
As we conclude, We can say, Religion is there to spread Love, peace, harmony among Humans. Its soul purpose is to keep Humans as Humans. If it doesn’t, then its not a religion.
‘Love is the pillar on which Life stands, the walls are the RELIGION’
Keep Loving, Caring…and thinking.
Best of Luck.
Ajaz Ahmed

What you want, and what you need…

There is a short prayer which motivates me a lot , and I think I should share it with you.
Have a look:

I asked Him to give me strength
He gave me difficulties…
To increase up my courage.

I asked Him to give me intelligence
He gave me problems…
To solve them.

I asked Him to give me prosperity
He gave me wisdom…
To work on..and succed.

I asked Him to give me love
He gave me miserable people…
To help them.

I asked Him to give me valour
He gave me complications…
To overcome them.

I asked Him to give me the boon
He gave me chance…
To acquire it.

I never got.. what I wanted…
But I always got.. what I needed…’

The ultimate truth.. there is a very large difference between what all you want, and what all you need. So, if we can understand this difference, life will be more simpler and lovable then it seems to be..

Do have a thought for sure… B-)

Take care…

‘Jack of all trades’ or ‘Master of one’????

Life is never the way, it is supposed to be..
But it can always be, what we want it to be…

Drowned by the mighty shakes of life, I sometimes feel, that life is not worth living, in fact never it was, But many a times, small cheers, may be a sweet smile of a young kid, may be a warm hug by the one whom you love, can entirely change your expert views and thinking..

It happens every now and then, and its true too, that Bad times are followed by Good times, but, how if we think vice-versa..
Good times are followed by Bad times” Its just the way of thinking, may be its just the other side of coin, which changes the entire meaning. Thus my kind of thinking may appear to people as simply absurd or idiotic, or may be logical to others, but that is what I am. I am not a pessimistic as such, but i do look at both sides of the coin.

I am a thinker(however i don’t know, what I think, is what I am supposed to, but who cares…), who generally have a diversified class of views and interests, and the same is sometimes great and sometimes harmful. These kind of attitude has many a times favoured me, as at least, I like doing all those kind of stuff which I am supposed to do, but many a times, I have feared it, and thought, why didn’t I stuck to an appropriate one, and chose it to be my destiny, and given my whole life to it. This kind of feeling, comes to a lot of people of my age, and it is what everyone fears. But, my question is, Is it a matter of just feeling sorry to, or is it a matter of pride for all of us? Can’t we have ‘Jack of all trades’ kind of philosophy in our lives, or, there is an absolute necessity for everyone of us, to ‘Master only one‘.
They say, you can’t master all, but one… but then will that ‘one’ suffice for you, for your entire life, if you aren’t that kind of a person?… i don’t think so. I am not here to show which one is good and which one is bad, I am here just to discuss both. After all, it s just the matter of choice and selection, how one want to lead his/her life.

However firstly,let us stick to the latter philosophy and discuss,
Its just a matter of background and the family interest that, you chose what your interest is to be. Thus Mastering it also depends on the same. Thus, the support or rising opportunities at different steps of life, is that what contributes to the essential growth. And the area of interest itself helps in the growth of individual as a person, nurtures his qualities, talents to fullest utilization.

However if someone from different class of group and background ‘tries’ to acquire the ‘different’interest(may be because of it rising popularity or a rising exposure), it is for sure that he can’t be as good as the natives in very aspect of it (I think its a fact), but who cares, about this. May be that ‘someone’ never even thought of acquiring this interest, may be he was never inspired, may be he was never pulled up, may be he never got opportunities, may be he never got exposed to such things, but still who cares. No one is interested in knowing how you started, but on, how you ended.

“No one is interested in knowing how you inserted the seed in the soil, how you nurtured it, how you watered it, how you protected it from Sun and Pollution, but the awaited focus is always on the fruit which you get from the tree, If its sweet, ya its a good tree :-), else, sour fruit, bad tree :-(“.

The ending result should be level up (always expected).
This kind of thinking is what to be changed from the minds. I don’t know how to do it, but surely know that it has to be done.

Now Secondly if we talk about ‘Jack of all trades‘ philosophy, a much easier thing to focus on according to my thinking, but, it might be difficult, for many.
Jack of all trades, Master of None‘ – It follows for those kind of persons who usually can never focus on one area of interest. Their ideas, views, constantly fluctuate. This kind of attitude is at times favourable. But at times, it can keep you out of the race. The background also here plays a major role in determining the fate of the individual. It is responsible for the kind of thinking that ‘someone’ has, and may be course of life teaches him the same. This is not a matter of feeling guilty about, because if properly guided and worked hard, the life is gonna be, how it is meant to be.

In all posts, we never reach to the satisfactory conclusions, I hope this one will do the same, however there is still a chance of finding solution to the posed problem in your minds, or atleast think about it( And that is what my motive has always been).
Should one be ‘Jack of all trades‘ or ‘Master of one‘???? 😛

Please help me

I dont know why.. but i am feeling really very
“Pata nahi apni zindagi ka kya hoga..jis cheez k piche bhagna chahiye..usse door bhag rahe hai..aur jis cheez se door bhagna chahiye usk piche bhag rahe hai”

My main motive of writing this post is to just get some counseling..from all you intelligent minds out there..
Our session ends in other two months from now (if we keep Semester exams away)..And I am not sure till now..about what i should do..after my grad. and what should I prepare to achieve that.
My interest includes :
Programming, and all kind of technical stuffs that involves computers and technology. But the main problem is..i dont know what are my skills and my features. I dont know whether I should go for M.C.A or M.Sc or M.B.A or M.S(Houston programme-MSF) and what are their career prospective in future. If I know this I will surely find out what i have to do.
Please do write a comment to help me or ask anything for me..
I would feel grateful to receive counseling from you.

Please help me.