Love Jihad: Struggle for Love

Jihad, an Arabic word in its pure essence defines, the ‘struggle’ in the path of a praiseworthy cause.

In Islamic scripts, and the Holy book ‘Quran’, it’s often referred to as a ‘Strife’ in the path of God, with different shades of meanings attached to it. In few Sufi and pious circles, Jihad is referred to as struggle of spiritual and moral cleansing of inner impulses.
Thus in different contexts, the meaning differs, however with one central and common meaning depicting – ‘Struggle’

In the modern era, this word ‘Jihad’ is commonly used to induce criminal mindset among those who are young and vulnerable, in the name of War thus inciting hatred and actions which are further treated as Islamic Terrorism. It is used at many other places too, with different references,and with adverse connotations.
But since our topic for today is not Hate, we will not be further discussing the same, instead we would only focus on the brighter aspect of it, which is ‘Love’, our topic for today and forever.


Love, the eternal feeling of, Respect, Understanding and Togetherness should be one place where all our efforts should go in, to inculcate it amongst ourselves, our near and dear ones, and the future generations. This sounds good, isn’t it? But is that easy to do, the way it sounds?
The answer uniformly would be a ‘No’, considering the fact that we belong to a nation which is so diverse in terms of its varied cultures, languages, religions, castes, color, which though we are extremely proud of, has its own nuances of maintaining this diversity, the way it has done it all this while. Love marriages are still considered a Taboo, and if the couple in love, have different caste or religion, then it’s an even bigger problem.

Though we have become a modernized society, with greater Technological and Architectural advances, our mindset is still backwards. We have low acceptance, of growth we need to make morally to grow up as a socially mature society.
We are so immersed in our self obsessed, caste-based, religion-based false pride, that we don’t let any form of Love bloom, especially where the bar is diversity in terms of caste, religion, color and what not.

Even the highly civilised, influential and intellectual of the families, are hesitant in accepting out-of-caste relationships in their families. Out-of-religion relationships are not considered even an option there. Few of them though accept it, but that’s for name sake, after a lot of struggle from the couple who have to yearn to earn every bit of happiness they would have deserved without asking, if the case would have been otherwise.

This lack of acceptance, acknowledgement is what makes the couple in love, to take actions in their hands, based on the level of maturity and experience their young age leads to, which are wildly adverse in their own ways. Few of them choose to flee, which further follows threats from family members, not-so stronger ones choose to go with family decisions and let go of their love, to continue their journey of life with their parents choices. In worst cases, few choose to END their lives, without any hope of any acceptance, support, guidance from anywhere. Even worst are the cases which induce heinous crimes like Honour-killings. And the list can go on, if we want to elaborate it further.

Why these young people have to chose to let go of their love or/and their life??
All of these happens, just to satisfy the hunger of self-obsessive ego of caste, religion and status of few folks for whom their stature in the society is more important than the pain of losing a family member, who was once dearly ‘loved’.
Why these young ones have to ‘struggle’ so much to acquire acceptance of something which comes naturally to Humans, the feeling of Love and Togetherness? Of all the struggles of life, this one is the most ‘real’ and ‘painstaking’ one which stays and continues till the life stays.
To parents and guardians, just think about it, if you go ahead and remove the caste/religion based reservations from the prevalent criteria of choosing your dear ones life partners, or let them be free
to choose whoever they want to love and get married to, for the rest of their lives and all of these, with your support, guidance and blessings. How wonderful would it be?
Let them make their life choices, and you would notice how simpler and happier the lives be.

However, expecting the above, in a larger scale, with the social acceptance is something which is still a distant reality, and thus the struggle needs to continue.
If this ‘struggle’ is, what it takes to bring the change we all want to foresee in the world to follow the path of Love
If this ‘struggle’ is, what world calls ‘LOVE JIHAD’, So be it.