Dilemma Drama Denial (The 3Ds)

The post title itself speaks a lot about the post.
The 3Ds of my life has so much to say that rather explaining then briefly would cost me 3 pages
It’s been a while for me posting blog, so thought process and conversion to a blog post might differ than my previous blogs.

The 3Ds are the 3 stages of an event which occurred to me and a number of other people of my generation whom I may not know.
The event has been a life-changing till now, and its consequences will be a life-changing too.
However I won’t be discussing the event here, but the wider perspectives for now.

If you are a guy and of the same generation whom I belong, (I am 24 years old, FYI) and reading this, then you would surely admit and agree to what I may express here.
So the stages, goes like this:

Stage 1: Dilemma



LIFE: Life is a gift/bitch.
Life, sometimes has so much to give to you, that you would surely get confused, what to take and what to leave. It gives you chances with choices, and its completely on your luck and wit, what you choose out of it.
Life gives you work, love, responsibilities, freedom, and name it, what not.
The whole confusion in choosing between things is what I call ‘Dilemma’.

In our case, if we talk professionally, it would be Dilemma:
To choose the right job,
To choose the right profile,
To choose to stay in the Job or not,
In knowing what’s best for your career.

And so on.
Each choice has it pros and cons and it depends on us, whether we let pros to take over or the cons. This makes the Dilemma more gross and striking in nature.
The problem with this stage is:

We do not know what to do, though we have lot to do

Stage 2: Dramadrama

Of course, the choice you make once, you have to withstand with them, though you like them later or not. The commitment, responsibilities, comes with choices, and so the dependability.
The swift change of life dramatically is an output.
It is in this stage, that the drama starts. We act, we appear to like what we are doing, believe that we might seem to become good at it.
We enact a different personality within us, to show that we actually like what we are doing, and it was the objective we eventually had it, and so it turned out to be. This different personality curbs the original ‘US’, the things in which we could have been very good at, we never tried.

Drama gives a false representation of our outer self and it may last for a period of time and may appear to come out bright.
But it can never last forever. We just seem to fool ourselves.
As it has been said, ‘Do, what you like..Like, what you do..

The problem is we try doing the second thing ignoring the first. As a result, the things don’t turn out as it should have been.
A person can’t be good at anything ever, if he doesn’t like what he does.

Thus the dramatic turns in life, is what keeps us roaming and searching for what actually we want from life.
Drama can be a direct result of our bad choices, or lack of good chances.
The problem with this stage is :

‘ We do, without knowing why we are doing it’

Stage 3: Denialdenial

This stage is what decides the progress of life of any human being – Denial.
The timing and the exact moment of ‘Denial’ is what is important.

Denial as you know means ‘Rejection’, ‘Refusal’ of the choices which we made during the first stage. It requires lots of guts and self-realization to Deny. And earlier you realize, earlier you would be able to find your life’s set path.
For some people, this realization process is very short and precise, adding to which is their Risk-taking capability.
These are the people who get the taste of Success first, and are the brave ones too.
Examples are many: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Narayan Murthy.

While still there are people, who don’t realize their motives, qualities as fast, or even if they realize, they do not accept it, or they do not have the courage enough to accept it and take the corresponding related risks. It comes with maturity.

Denial is the most important of all the three stages, as it is the deciding phase which predicts and presumes the real future one is going to have.
Denial is one side of coin, whose other side is Acceptance. Acceptance lacks courage, though is a safest thing to do, when you don’t have choices. Denial and Acceptance are two opposite sides; still they go hand in hand, during various phases of life.
You just have to be sure, when you need to Deny and when you need to Accept.

There is no problem with this stage, ‘We just have to be mature enough in selecting things for us’

Thus, we can conclude that the above 3Ds are responsible for our likely livelihood and our life’s progress. They are the deciding phases.

Life, daily gives you options and depending on your selections, your path is weaved. These selections could be wrong or correct most of the times, but as early you realize it, as early you can jump onto your correct path.

“Life is a test, it asks you questions, answering all is impossible, you might be wrong in few ones, but your ultimate result always is calculated on your willingness to answer them, may it be correct or incorrect.”

You may have all the wisdom to think from your mind, your heart (more importantly) and decide what’s best for you.
Be fearless. Best of luck.

Last, but not the least, A very Happy New Year (belated)

Take care.
Ajaz Ahmed


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