B’bye Mysore..!

I still remember the first time I entered the Infy Campus at Mysore on Jan 10,2011.
Its royal and grand look charmed us all, it seemed as a tourist place, rather than a training campus of an organization. The hurriedly taken morning breakfast, reaching the class just before 9:00, the boring classes full of slides, has been our last two months.
These few days here in Infosys, Mysore, taught me great things. Straightly coming from College Campus to such an Organization Campus, would make people difficult to adjust, but the environment which Infosys has given us, was just the same which everyone wanted. Life here was fun, joy, stress sometimes(before Compre), the DJ nights, the creative events happening here were great and nice.

Time passes and leave memories, and so here we are after exactly 2 months 19 days, today(March 28,2011), all set to leave this huge campus, post completion of our training here in Campus.
We all may be leaving this campus, but the memories which we composed here will be cherished all over our life, the friends we made here and life we spent here is memorable, and unforgettable.
Our posted units are waiting for us, and why not, we were prepared for those units itself. No-one ever thought that time spent here will bring us so close and will give us best friends of our life. Though we are leaving many of them, but still we know that we are friends for life, and we will remain in contact for whole of our lives.

The time is less, so, I will not available to write much. But I just want to say..that the time spent here was very memorable, and overwhelming.
B’bye..Mysore..WE WILL MISS YOU!! 🙂


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