The Incredible PROGRAMME(IAYM) ends!!

Dr. Dinesh Singh
Dr. Dinesh Singh
Wing Cmdr. Sharad Chaturwedi
Wing Cmdr. Sharad Chaturwedi

As according to Wing  Cmdr.  Sharad chaturwedi,”All good things must come to an end”, finally, the so-called IAYM Programme, comes to an end. But the memories and experiences it cherished, will never end in the MSF books, and in the minds of the 70 Students, the members of MSF, especially the mentors, the associates, and the assistants.
The Programme provided a lot more than its expectations. The programme’s main motive was to instill the spirit of Mathematics, the different way of learning things with an unusual learning environment, however it generated a lot more. The students came with expectations of learning things, as it meant to be in a normal school or institute, but the environment which they recieved here, was completely out of the box. They learned how things should be learned, they learned to devise their own techniques and procedures for understanding things. The programme changed the level and way of thinking of every student who came here. The presentations which took place the final day were Chandrayaan(School group), the Error Correction(College), the Circumference Of the Earth, and Search Engine(Eagle 1 Group).
Each of the project mentioned above, brought new and innovative algorithms, techniques, and steps to solve any kind of problem mentioned above.
The Chandrayaan School group showed their experiment of the projectile motion by inventing their launch pads and their original and unique technique of measuring range, height, angle, gravity, air drag etc. of the projectile. They showed that to do some new, innovative and brilliant, age do not matter. They came up with their skit of Maths communication project on Quadratic equations. Infact their use of knowledge with MATHEMATICA was impressive.
Moving on to Error Correction, this group came up with their own algorithm and methods of determining and correcting errors in a transmitted message.
The circumference Group came up with their method of measuring the circumference of earth, using the shadows measurement of any object at any two places. I will not move into the technicalities of the project. Overall, their show was very good.
Last, but not the least, their was Search Engine’s Eagle 1. The main purpose of the project was to just devise some simple techniques for building a search engine for images. The image searching was done using CBIR technique i.e. Content Based Image Retrieval System. The procedure included many steps like wavelet transformations, average & differencing, cluster formations etc.
All the presentations were awesome and fantastic. The cheer and charm of the occassion cannot be expressed in words, one had to be there to feel it.
In the beginning of the programme, Dr.Agarwal said one thing to all of us and the students,” Even if you do not achieve any milestone in your project,but still you will return with around 71 friends and 14 non-friends. The course of the programme proved his saying, though the achievement was more of a “Sone pe Suhaga” kind, the students’ face showed their happiness when being with friends, whom they did not even know, one month before, “THIS WAS THE MAGIC OF IAYM”.

Finally the departing lecture of Dr. Dinesh Singh was a bonus. He talked about how he just came from Houston that morning, but still, inspite of the tiring flight, he managed to came to the DPS. He was astonished and excited to see the refreshing faces of the students and their mind-blowing presentations. He said that we students of India have the responsibility to give back India his glory in terms of his rich educational heritage. He requested the students to study at any college, any course, home or abroad, but they should come back to India, for making India better.

I want to write more, but lack of time prohibits me from doing this…
Ahh.. We should not forget the beautiful and melodius song sung by Mr. Vijay Kumar jayanti Bhai Solanki(thats his full name) “Jab zero diya mere Bharat ne, Duniya ko tab ginti aayi….”

In the end, My word of in-expressible thanks to Dr. Sanjeev Agarwal, Dr. Amber Habib, Wing Cdr. Sharad Sir, Dr. Saha, Zia Sir, Cyed Sir, Anjani Sir, Jatin Sir, Niteesh Sir,the trio- Charu Mam, Shivani Mam, Manisha Mam, and my friends- Sanad and Sarvesh. AND DPS!!!

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For the pictures of the programme, you can click here.


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