IAYM continues…

lecture room
The auditorium

Today is 23rd June 2009, the programme has almost reached to its end. The students have almost completed their preparations for their presentations.
Today, there was a small change in the schedule. Instead of the daily lectures of 9:30, students were shown an interesting movie, called ‘Flatland’. The movie was an animated & fantastic story of figures of dimensions. It showed the conflict between dimensions.
The motive behind the story wass ‘The things you cant see, doesn’t means that it do not exist’.

After that there was a  tea break, then there was supposed to be a lecture
by Prof. Sanjay Jain on ‘Origin of Life’ at 10:30, but due to some reasons it was postponed to 11:30. Prof. Jain is a physicist working at the National Physics Laboratory, New Delhi. Prof. Jain talked about the evolution of life on earth, that is the first single-celled organism. He talked about the internal structure and the chemical composition of a cell or a bacterial cell specifically. The lecture was very informative and interesting though it stretched a little lot.

After his lecture, their was the lunch break. From 1:30 students  followed their daily routine…

As the day followed a changed routine, the enthusiasm increased to a lot. Moreover, when the students left to their homes, they shall think, ‘Is there a 4th dimension?’- Flatland


To be continued….


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