IAYM(Inviting All Young Minds)

IAYM(Inviting All Young Minds), is an initiative and a summer internship programme undertaken by Mathematical Sciences Foundation, a non-profit organization, for the students of college and school level.MSF has been in existence from 1997, though it was formally established in year 2002.

Since then, the foundation have been working for the growth and development of Mathematics in the minds of people of each age-grade. IAYM though started informally in the month of April, it started formally on June 01, 2009, at DPS, R K Puram, New Delhi.

The programme invited students from all over the country. The Foundation recieved over 500 invitations from all over the country, but due to the arrangements possible only for few students. So, only 72 students were selected depending on their academic performance and their recommendations.

36 students from college, 36 students from school have been selected.

The outstation students have been provided with hostel facility. Moreover the students who are selected  will also be provided with the stipend of 5000/-, along with the certificates.

The course of the programme have been divided into five major projects, as listed:

  1. Chandrayaan
  2. Search Engine.
  3. Jantar Mantar
  4. Error Correction.
  5. Encryption.
  6. Circumference of Earth.

Depending on the choice and skills of the students, the projects have been allotted to the students. 12 students are working on each project, 6 from school, 6 from college. The programme has completed over two weeks. And the enthusiasm and excitement of the students is increasing day by day. The students are now enjoying the concept and style of teaching, by their lecturers. The students have felt and realized the meaning of true learning and knowledge earning, they have been shown the techniques and ways of learning things practically.

The summer programme is a great success and will yield positive and great results…..

To be continued……

For more information, you may visit : www.mathscifound.org


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