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America’s Army is a First Person Shooter (commonly called FPS) created by the United States Armed Forces. It is free to download and install.

It’s not too often you can say you are playing a game put out by the United States Government, but Americas Army is just that. This began not only as a game, but a tool to train future army recruits. The US Army probably didn’t expect the game to quickly explode into a popular online stature though.

The game follows a rather serious theme due to its original and current goals, but it’s also a blast for players who have no desire to join the army. Other similar games on the market cost money while AA is free. But there’s a catch. As of version 2.5, AA was discontinued for Linux and Mac OS X, although it doesn’t seem to affect the training missions or playing with other 2.5 clients. So, this makes it great for a Linux AA clan, or a LAN party.

The game is based on the Unreal 2.5 engine, so you can expect some great graphics and sound. If you have played Counter-Strike, then you already have a good feel of what AA is all about. It’s you, against the terrorist. There is no deathmatch mode, as that is not exactly the goal of the game 😉

Of course, moreso than Counter-Strike, there is a lot of strategy you must execute to be successful. The game is based off what could happen in real life, so it’s not going to be easy. Splinter Cell could be a name brought up, as the stealth in that game would prove useful here. As you can guess, the game is focused around realism, and so you cannot jump in and expect a Counter-Strike or Unreal Tournament gameplay. You must shoot accurately if you want to kill… spray and pray doesn’t really work well here.

This is a great game, no two ways about it. It’s just too bad the developers decided to halt Linux and OS X support.

Get the latest version for Linux from FileFront. Download armyops<version>

Run the file from where you have downloaded

sudo sh ./armyops<version>
If Americas Army is already installed, an upgrade match may be available from FileFront. Download armyops-lnx-patch-<version>.run.

Run the file from where you have downloaded

sudo sh ./armyops-lnx-patch-<version>.run
There are multiple ways to execute the program. You can click the application icon that will be in Applications ? Games ? armyops, or you can run it via the command line. Type the following into a Terminal:




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